Fusion Barrier Qualification Test Success

isol8 is setting a New Global Standard in Zero Emission Barriers... and have now successfully qualified a 5" Thermite/Alloy Fusion barrier.

isol8’s range of Fusion products are the most technically advanced, metallurgically bonded alloy barriers on the market. They represent a step change in downhole sealing performance with the highest shear-bond strength, greatest radial expansion capability and longest life-expectancy.

isol8’s Fusion products are designed by well engineers for well engineers and can be deployed on slickline, electric wireline, coiled tubing or pipe. The single trip design has an integral retainer to deliver the highest level of barrier assurance and eliminates ratty alloy.

The isol8 team are now completing preparations for the first field trial in a North Sea well later this year.

Aug 10, 2020