isol8 Exhibit at Offshore Decommissioning Conference 2019

isol8 was invited to exhibit in the OGTC technology zone at the Offshore Decommissioning Conference in November 2019.

They were also selected to give two presentations: a short technology ‘pitch battle’ delivered by Andrew Louden and also a joint presentation by isol8’s Paul Davies with Malcolm Banks from the OGTC on the subject of ‘Bonded Alloys – Alternative Barrier Development and Qualification’.

isol8’s Fusion technology is gaining widespread recognition as having the greatest potential to decrease oilfield decommissioning costs. The Oil and Gas Authority’s 35% cost reduction target can only be achieved by substantially reducing the cost of well P&A which represents >45% of the overall decommissioning expense.

isol8’s bonded alloy technology has superior shear bond strength and greater life expectancy than any other alternative barrier material. It can be deployed, through tubing, on wireline and avoids the need to recover well tubulars. isol8’s clients have estimated that the technology could reduce platform P&A costs by 50% and subsea P&A costs by as much as 70%.

Nov 14, 2019