isol8 Merge with Olympic Research and Appoint CTO

isol8 was established to exploit the benefits of alloy seals in downhole well applications. Their team of seasoned well intervention specialists and downhole tool design engineers has merged with Olympic Research Inc. who bring their unparalleled research and development expertise in engineered thermite systems.

The marriage of these two companies positions isol8 as the most competent well intervention partner for alloy wellbore isolation products.

isol8’s design engineers have more than 60 years’ experience in developing downhole mechanical and electronic tools for oil and gas as well as geothermal applications. Their team also has a broad range of well construction, completion and intervention expertise.

Bill Lowry, the President of Olympic Research and now isol8’s CTO, has spent his career work for the national laboratories in the US, executing complex research programmes with a robust analytical approach. Over recent years Bill’s team invested more than $4m in the characterisation and testing of more than 35 engineered thermite recipes and then broadened their research into alloy recipes tailored for well applications.

From their base in Port Townsend, west of Seattle in Washington State, the isol8 Inc. team blend proprietary thermite recipes which they compact into modules used in the Fusion toolstring. They also manufacture their own initiation systems.

Nov 01, 2019