PACE Meeting at the OGTC – Hybrid Thermite Systems for Well P&A

isol8’s CEO Andrew Louden presented how isol8’s Fusion thermite/alloy barrier could save £19.5Bn in UK oilfield decommissioning costs.

With well Plug & Abandonment (P&A) representing 48% of the entire offshore oilfield decommissioning expenditure there is a pressing need for more efficient and effective barrier solutions.

Bill Lowry (President of Olympic Research Inc) shared how isol8’s proprietary engineered thermite systems enabled sealing alloy to be melted in the tubing and casing annuli. Bill also presented the reaction kinetic modelling that isol8 perform to characterise the thermite systems that they use. The accuracy of theoretical modelling requires a thorough understanding of the computational fluid dynamics and multi-physics involved in the thermite and alloy phase change processes.

Nov 25, 2018