Fusion Patch / Straddle

Fusion Patch / Straddle

Product Applications

  • Tubing or Casing isolation with the option of a tailpipe plug
  • Sand control isolation / repair
  • Plugging perforations
  • Sand screen plugging / repair
  • Gravel pack isolation / repair
  • Remedial cement repair
  • Reinstate pipework integrity
  • Seal through casing
  • Water shut off
  • Gas shut off
  • Annular barrier placement
  • Tubing/Casing integrity repair

Product Summary


The Fusion slimline patch and straddle design offers a large through-bore with a compliant, high expansion alloy seal. The length of the alloy used on the patch can be varied to meet the well objectives. The patches can be stacked to form a straddle.


isol8’s Fusion patches are deployed with a retrievable solid thermite heater. The heater is deployed on a modified GS profile.


isol8 is the only alloy company to create a metallurgical bond with the wellbore tubing or casing. This delivers the highest shear-bond strength and longest life expectancy. The optimum alloy is selected based on the well temperature and the alloy plug length can be varied to achieve the desired pressure rating.

Integral Retainer

The patch comes with an integral retainer so that our clients can be assured that there is no wasted ratty alloy run-off.

Isol8 Patch Image new 1

Product Features & Benefits

  • Modular Tool Design to interface with different patch / straddle geometries
  • Slickline or electric wireline deployed
  • Option to attach tubing below the patch to stack patches into a straddle
  • Large through-bore (heater retrieved allowing wireline access below the patch)
  • Alloy liquid viscosity enables conformity to undefined geometries
  • Suitable for sealing perforations, screens, gravel packs and reinstating well integrity
  • Patch length can be varied to seal off the desired zone
  • Safe Initiation System: RP67 Compliant (Rev 3 Oct 19) Two independent safety features that prevent inadvertent tool functioning
  • Secondary initiation means (100% backup – signal or timer activated)
  • Metallurgical Bond: Highest shear-bond strength and long-term integrity assurance
  • Single trip operation (Integrated Retainer Option)
  • Retainer eliminates ratty alloy run off portion around the patch body
  • Permanent with exceptional life expectancy
  • Non-toxic alloy seal
  • H2S and CO2 corrosion resistant alloy seal
  • Alloy options to suit well temperature up to 200°C
  • Bismuth and non-bismuth alloy options are selected based on well temperature
  • Thermite compacted in heaters to 10,000psi for superior heat output

Product under development

Fusion Patch / Straddle
Running Tool OD (A) Tubing Size (B) Patch Running OD Pre-Setting (C) Patch ID (D)
1.8 2-⅜ 1.8 1.01
2 2-⅞ 2 1.32
2 3-½ 2 1.32
2 4 3.25 2.12
3.5 4-½ 3.8 2.62
3.5 5 3.8 2.62
3.5 5-½ 4.525 3.95
3.5 6-⅝ 4.525 3.95
3.5 7 5.6 4.7