Designed by well engineers, for well engineers.

isol8 was formed by Andrew Louden to exploit the benefits of alloy sealing technology in downhole well applications.

The company secured grant funding support from the Scottish Government's Decommissioning Challenge Fund, along with matched funding from a UK operating company. Paul Davies (Operations Manager), Niall Lipp (Engineering Manager), Nigel Halladay (Principle Consultant) and Michaela Towler (QHSE Manager) joined Andrew in February 2019. isol8 then commenced work on their first downhole tool design - Fusion.

A large-scale test facility was designed and manufactured between March and May 2019 with additional grant funding for field trials secured from the Oil and Gas Technology Centre in August 2019. Kris Bruce, Senior Field Engineer, joined the team in preparation for qualification testing and offshore operations.

In November 2019 isol8 merged with Olympic Research Inc (Bill Lowry - CTO, Ken Coates - Physicist, Robin Jerman - Metallurgist and Beth Juran - Business Manager). Bill's team had accumulated several years' experience in the development of thermite products for downhole applications.

isol8 successfully qualified their first bonded alloy barrier in August 2020, only 18 months from kick-off. The first Fusion barrier was successfully deployed, set and tested offshore in the North Sea in October 2020. The world's first bonded alloy barrier designed, developed, tested, qualified and deployed in less than 2 years. A new standard in zero emission barriers has arrived.