Key Differentiators

isol8 are the future, not the past.


Our material difference is BONDED ALLOY BARRIERS. We create a metallurgical bond with the tubing and casing, providing a gas tight seal with exceptional shear-bond strength and superior life expectancy.


Our environmental difference is ZERO EMISSIONS for future generations. Our barriers can help to replace cement resulting in a reduction in CO2 production. Bonded alloy can also eliminate fugitive emissions from abandoned wells – for eternity.


Our product difference comes from our DESIGN PEDIGREE. We have 60 years of downhole product design expertise. Our tools are designed by well engineers for well engineers.


Our technology difference is founded on our SCIENTIFIC APPROACH. Our research engineers and scientists have characterised >35 thermite recipes and invested years of research to model the reaction kinetics and multi-physics of thermite and alloy phase change behaviour in downhole well environments. We understand the technical limits.


Our commercial difference comes for our ability to REDUCE COSTS. For well abandonment our rigless, wireline deployed barriers products can reduce P&A costs by up to 50%. Our intervention products can be used to enhance production or re-instate well integrity. Our well construction products can make the wells ‘abandonment ready’, reducing our client’s decommissioning liabilities and retirement obligations by up to 25%.


Our safety difference is embedded in our SAFETY CULTURE. We take care of our team and our customers. Our technology can be deployed on wireline, minimising rig operations and reducing occupational risk. Our processes and products prevent the inadvertent initiation of exothermic reactions by adhering to API-RP 67.